Mikael Höglind

Syrien ger 1000 dollar för gatlopp mot Israel – tolkas som Israelisk aggression

Enligt syrisk TV betalade regimen i Damaskus 1000 dollar till fattiga bönder för att försöka korsa gränsen mot Israel. Ett TV-bolag filmade under manifestationen i juni där fattiga bönder tagit emot pengarna för att utsätta sig själva för livsfara. För att ytterligare motivera aktivisterna utlovades 10,000 dollar till anhöriga om de skulle skjutas av Israelisk […]

Invest in low fuel demanding vehicles rather then ethanol cars

[Translated by Google translate] Ethanol Cars in all glory, but there are problems with ethanol (E85) fuel. Let me list the problems I have identified with ethanol for vehicles. Text: Mikael Höglind. Ethanol car owners often have to travel far to find an ethanol station Combustion technology is worse than petrol cars – more gallons […]

Ship to Gaza campaign useless – Gaza is not cut off

[Translated by Google translate] Israel is in a simplistic debate accused of confining Gaza and thus tormenting the whole people. In Gaza, the campaigns have reinforced that image. Meanwhile, the border town of Ashdod for several years been used as a portal for movement between Gaza and the West Bank. Up to 15 trucks have […]

Hundred thousands of kids are afraid of their drinking parents

[Translated by Google translate] Instead of the home is a haven for the young is home to 100,000-century children in Sweden, a place associated with anxiety, insecurity and violence because of abuse. The bill for the Swedes’ alcohol, drug and pill addiction is on the whole 150 billion per year according to government investigators Gerhard […]