Ship to Gaza campaign useless – Gaza is not cut off

[Translated by Google translate]

Israel is in a simplistic debate accused of confining Gaza and thus tormenting the whole people. In Gaza, the campaigns have reinforced that image. Meanwhile, the border town of Ashdod for several years been used as a portal for movement between Gaza and the West Bank. Up to 15 trucks have been able to cross the border every day.

As early as September 30, 2005 outlined the World Bank on how peaceful communication between the West Bank and Gaza could be carried out.

In November 2005 we had the Israeli-Palestinian agreement on a transit through the Rafah between Egypt and Gaza. AccordingAgreement was controlled the passage of Palestinian and Egyptian officials on either side. The activities monitored by the EU, namely: ”European Union Border Assistance Mission.” When Hamas took over Gaza in June 2007, the border crossing since then has been basically closed. Although it has occasionally been the border open for humanitarian reasons. According to the Jerusalem Post passed the 162,000 people over the border crossing only in 2010.

It must therefore be kept fresh in your mind that shipments could be made ​​long before the first Ship to Gaza-ships mustered out to a huge media coverage ”prove” Israel as an uncivilized country. Israel’s sudden stopping of ships due to an internationally agreed ”blockade” thereby give the impression of a villainous Israel.

Shipments were rather peacefulpass Ashdod, and even to Gaza via Egypt. Now is the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza completely open since late May 2011. There should be no incentive to further misleading Ship to Gaza campaigns are implemented.

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