Hundred thousands of kids are afraid of their drinking parents

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Instead of the home is a haven for the young is home to 100,000-century children in Sweden, a place associated with anxiety, insecurity and violence because of abuse. The bill for the Swedes’ alcohol, drug and pill addiction is on the whole 150 billion per year according to government investigators Gerhard Larsson.

Text: Mikael Höglind. Photo by GP [photographer unknown]

”Only one in five who have an addiction are well known and offered care and treatment. Four out of five may continue with their drinking or their pills and then down the hill very close, ”said Mr Larsson to TT last year. In the spring of 2011 he presented his proposals for how legislation relating to misuse subject to change. Gerhard Larsson want to broaden the role of primary and occupational health services, so that more people with substance abuse problems are detected at an early stage. The ’Abuse Inquiry submitted its proposal on the Swedish drug treatment and rehabilitation clinics March 27, 2011 to the Government.

Gerhard Larsson writes in GP June 13, 2011 :

”Abuse Treatment has traditionally been organized with the social services as the base. Meanwhile, new research shows that nine out of ten of abuse would rather seek help from health care, and only one in twenty of the social services. ”

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