Christer Fuglesang – Swedish astronaut tried to commit fake suicide in vain

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Christer Fuglesang’s attack on homeopathy is both arrogant and childish. More and more people are helped by alternative medicine when health fails. Therefore I send often my friends to the options and they return with a smile.

A female acquaintance was told that she had to wear INSTEP-RAISER rest of his life. She had never walk barefoot for an orthopedic surgeon and she had had this for over 10 years when I asked her to visit the ”options button”, Markus Greus , therapist in postural therapy.

Only one treatment later she was able to resume walking without INSTEP-RAISER. My point is that this is another example where the school medical care condemning a patient’s chances of being restored.As usual orthopedic surgeons do not know how a problem should be solved judge the out patient facilities.

Another tip that is appreciated by my friends is Kilmaninstitutet working holistically …

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