Artificial borders founded current Middle East’s crisis

[Translated by Google translate]

Far from everyone in the public debate about Israel and the Middle East seem to understand the situation that Israel is experiencing and the history that they inherited since the Ottoman Empire fell and the Middle East was divided between Jews and Arabs. Here is an attempt to create an understanding about what really happened from an Israeli perspective.

The incorrect description of history which forms the basis for hatred of Israel is as roughly follows:

Zionist speech at the end of the war in 1948 Palestine, and forced the people who lived there from their towns, villages, houses and land to create the state of Israel. Assault was great and its like never before in history.

This view has long been taught in schools in the Arab countries. In fact, these claims rest on soft ground. There was no nation called Palestine in the Middle East 1948th Therefore, there was no state that Jews could steal or occupy.

Instead, there is another description of history – read more

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