Israeli laywers stopped Ships to Gaza

[Translated by Google translate] NY Times writes that an Israeli law firm, Shure haDin Law Center, was behind the detention of the Ship to Gaza fleet to complain to the Greek coast guard. The lawyers said that seven ships were uninsured or improperly registered. Shura haDin Law Center warned a number of insurance companies in England, […]

Movies that may prevent future holocausts

[Translated by Google translate] Why repeat the Jewish Holocaust are still on, and again as a theme in movies and TV shows for decades after the Holocaust? Should not the story rather than be buried so we can move on? We have never learned from our own history, as the saying goes, but it is not […]

Christer Fuglesang – Swedish astronaut tried to commit fake suicide in vain

[Translated by Google translate] Christer Fuglesang’s attack on homeopathy is both arrogant and childish. More and more people are helped by alternative medicine when health fails. Therefore I send often my friends to the options and they return with a smile. A female acquaintance was told that she had to wear INSTEP-RAISER rest of his […]

Artificial borders founded current Middle East’s crisis

[Translated by Google translate] Far from everyone in the public debate about Israel and the Middle East seem to understand the situation that Israel is experiencing and the history that they inherited since the Ottoman Empire fell and the Middle East was divided between Jews and Arabs. Here is an attempt to create an understanding […]

Chil Rajchman: I am the last Jew

[Translated by Google translate] Chil Rajchman was born in 1914 and came to the extermination camp at Treblinka in 1942, 28 years old. Rajchman was one of the very few who survived the concentration camp. After the war he moved to Uruguay, and before he died in 2004, he asked his family to publish his […]

What if Israel boycotted the world?

[Translated by Google translate] Israel is one of the world’s smallest nations, a desert country with no oil, with high unemployment and sandwiched among several hostile neighbors. Despite these grim conditions, Israel has managed to become a leading nation in academia and front research and therefore developed the technology used throughout the world. Photo: National Geographic […]

Would you still eat food additives if you could choose natural foods?

[Translated by Google translate] We become what we eat is called that. In practice this means that artificial additives are part of the body temporarily or permanently. What are they when they are stored in the body and they can be excreted? No researcher seems to know for sure. Nor do they know how the […]

Eco meat does not increase global warming

[Translated by Google translate] Honestly what meat would you eat if you consider the huge difference between industrial meat and natural bait meat? Which meat gives you the best conscience to eat and have you ever noticed that the carbon dioxide load in the production of natural bait meat is almost zero? ICA has a […]

School uniforms won’t dicrease individuality

[Translated by Google translate] It may seem old fashioned, but some school uniform can reduce the bullying of schoolchildren who do not have the right designer clothes and why can not their uniforms and even increase the individuality? The arguments against school uniforms vary. Young people themselves often argue that a uniform eliminates their individuality and […]

Are kid soldiers in third world countries working for you?

[Translated by Google translate] Army Museum which is part of the National Museums of Military History raises the question of child soldiers are war children rather than soldiers. The open question is vigorous. It points to the child as victim of the adult world’s interests and acts of war. We know that the Swedish textile […]