The state can prevent the schools from dismantling health issues

[Translated by Google translate] The school doctor Sophie Ekman asked in SvD Public opinion how can children’s rights can be strengthened when you systematically dismantled school health? ”School Health classical small-mesh nets have been swept away in most municipalities, with the connivance of politicians, where it soon perceived that the City of Solna is a […]

The Israeli Awakening

[Translated by Google translate] After riots in countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria rises even a popular uprising in Israel and the ”enemy” is soaring living costs and politician who does not act on its people instead of their own in the first place. The protests called for: ”The Israeli Awakening”. Today Saturday, the organizers of Israel […]

What is 70% of your sellery goes to put food on the table?

[Translated by Google translate] Sofia Lathes have Swedish church in the UN corridors, the protests in Mozambique, the slums of South Africa, conflict, Colombia, India, inequality, and the organic products in Dalsland. The goal of the international effort is to understand the causes of famine. Sofia Lathes take up the riots in Mozambique in early […]

The bees disappears

[Translated by Google translate] Colonies are fewer in the world and have disastrous consequences warns researchers. In Europe, 30% of all bee colonies disappeared in 2007-2008. Many crops worldwide are pollinated by bees for example. No pollination means no harvest. In Trollhättan, several private beekeepers forced out of business. Varroa mites as parasites on bees is […]

Coop trades with China but not Israel

[Translated by Google translate] Benjamin K. Silberstein wrote in a letter to the editor of Svenska Dagbladet that criticism of Israel is often motivated by concern for human rights, but he questions whether there really is a true motivator. The example of the Coop and Sodastream illustrate it. Coop was criticized by Palestinian groups to parts of the […]

Oslo attacks happens all the time in the Middle east

[Translated by Google translate] After what seems to be a man’s offense exploded behind the attack in Oslo reacts outside world with a strong revulsion against the offender and with equally strong sympathy for the victims and their relatives. But this kind of violence is still common in the Middle East, and they pass by […]

Israeli water technology may solve African hunger crisis

[Translated by Google translate] The drought has wiped out large parts of agriculture and a famine is on its way into countries like Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, writes Jan Blomgren in Swedish Dagbladet on 15 July 2011. Already in the first sentence is the answer to how the situation of several million people and their […]

Let Swedish police get the Swedes that commits crimes in the Mediterranean sea

[Translated by Google translate] Jan Guillou and Carl Bildt’s hugging of Swedish activists after last Ship to Gaza campaign was part of the spectacle that was offended by the right of Israel to defend its borders. The blockade of Gaza, however, were legal under a United Nations committee chaired byGeoffrey Palmer, former Prime Minister of New Zealand. The […]

How should Sweden treat alcohol?

[Translated by Google translate] Carl B. Hamilton (Liberal Party) want the monopoly to be able to: set their own hours and that alcohol can be purchased online and delivered to your door. What do you think? Go to the poll!

Wave power is more efficient the wind power

[Translated by Google translate] Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, which are affected by wind which carries vast amounts of energy. In addition, the waves are free. Wave power is thus a type of energy with great potential. The company Seabed ABbelieves that the Baltic Sea wave energy potential can cover 18% of […]