Invest in low fuel demanding vehicles rather then ethanol cars

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Ethanol Cars in all glory, but there are problems with ethanol (E85) fuel. Let me list the problems I have identified with ethanol for vehicles.

Text: Mikael Höglind.

  • Ethanol car owners often have to travel far to find an ethanol station
  • Combustion technology is worse than petrol cars – more gallons of fuel spent per driven mil
  • Vehicle manufacturers that make environmentally friendly cars is investing too little on reducing fuel consumption since E85 is equivalent to a guaranteed environmental classification
  • Ethanol production will take incentives away from farmers in the Third World rather than to grow food (Sweden can not meet its own needs)
  • There are indications that ethanol production in the third world including child labor

My conclusion is that the fuel itself does not decide which vehicles can be classed as a green car.Now I take while also taking into account the social aspects of my analysis, but it must rather be the consumption of the amount of fuel that determines if the car is environmental or not, rather than the fuel itself.

There is a Peugeot which draws 0.38 liters of diesel per mil even 200 horsepower. The car drives the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 and is, as I understand, the world’s first production diesel hybrid car. I think more on it than on an ethanol.

The green car rebate of 10,000 SEK was removed for ethanol cars in summer 2009. Green motorists spokesman Mattias Goldmann told TV4 that ethanol cars had become too popular.

”The intention was to get a flying start. It was far greater than we could hope for. But now it is better to use the money to benefit the environment, ”said Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren 2008, TV4.

Andreas Carlgrenseems to have realized that ethanol cars are not entirely environmentally friendly based on his quotes above, we car owners, September 2008. He did not want to invest in ethanol cars, but instead on the environment.

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